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high-temperature superconductors

ArrowMagLab helps researchers set new record for a "trapped" magnetic field, a big step toward creating powerful new materials. Read more.

Alicia Calero.

ArrowYoung petroleum engineer Alicia Calero reflects on her early training at the MagLab. Read more.

July Science Highlight - image of Temperature dependence of the resistivities Rxx and Ryy

ArrowScientists use the MagLab’s unique low-temperature facilities to make the first-ever observation of an anisotropic fractional Hall state. Read more.

Safe Science

Safety helmets.

ArrowWe promote safe science at the MagLab for both visiting scientists and our employees.

Metabolomics Mysteries

ArrowIn this film noir video, gumshoe and MagLab scientist Art Edison looks inside cells for clues to solve the mysteries of disease. Created for the NIH Common Fund video competition, the two-minute piece shows how science is like detective work.
Watch the video.

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